Mobile Dental Services

McDonough Dental Mobile Services is the mobile dentistry division of McDonough Dental, which has been providing loyal, caring and conservative dental care in Hamilton for over 35 years. Operated by Dr. Conor McDonough, DDS, McDonough Dental Mobile Services provides full-service mobile dentistry to residents of over 20 nursing homes and retirement homes in Hamilton and surrounding areas.

Mobile dental servicesAfter visiting his grandmother in a nursing home, Dr. McDonough realized that conventional office-based dental services do not meet the needs of residents of assisted living facilities. Geriatric patients have difficulty finding transportation to and from appointments, and appointments can be stressful, particularly for patients with restricted mobility or those with memory loss. As a result, dental disease and other dental issues are a common problem in assisted living facilities since many residents do not receive regular dental care.

McDonough Dental Mobile Services addresses this gap in conventional care by providing all aspects of dental treatment, including routine cleanings, dental fillings, root canals, extractions, implants and denture work, right in the nursing home or retirement home where patients feel relaxed and at ease. The mobility of our dental unit allows us to accommodate patients who wish to be treated in their rooms, or even in their beds.


We offer an initial oral exam and consultation free of charge and discuss the patient’s specific treatment needs with the patient and/or the power of attorney. Our services include:

Full-service dentistry, including:

  • Examinations (recall and emergency)
  • Hygiene / cleanings
  • Restorations (both silver and white fillings) o Root canals
  • Extractions
  • Dentures (repairs and remakes)
  • Implants

Other Services Include:

  • Direct scheduling, administration and billing, including filing insurance claims and pre- determinations
  • In-home emergency exams and treatment



1.Please fill out a Request for Screening form. Completed forms may be mailed to our office (address below), faxed, or scanned and emailed in PDF form (email address below).

2.We will schedule an initial oral exam and consultation. Residents are encouraged to have their power of attorney (if applicable) or a family member present for the initial oral exam and consultation.

3. After the appointment, we will prepare a quote outlining the resident’s treatment needs and explain what is needed to the resident and/or the power or attorney or family member.

4. Once we have received the resident’s or the resident’s decision-maker’s consent to proceed with treatment, appointments will be scheduled accordingly until all treatments have been completed. We will schedule follow-up appointments as necessary.


If you have a dental emergency, notify our office by phone or email. Dr. McDonough will respond as soon as possible to discuss the patient’s symptoms and provide recommendations for relieving pain and discomfort. Once the extent of the emergency is determined, Dr. McDonough will schedule an appointment for treatment, if required.

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